How To Become A Microsoft Student Partner (MSP)


  • The Microsoft Student Partner Program is a worldwide educational program to sponsor students majoring in disciplines related to technology. The MSP program attempts to enhance students’ employability by offering training in skills not usually taught in academia, including knowledge of Microsoft technologies.

Why be an MSP?

Benefits of being an MSP

  • Office 365 subscription
  • Visual Studio Enterprise (similar to MSDN subscription) along with Azure credits worth $150/month
  • LinkedIn Learning free for 6 months
  • Free training in Microsoft technologies via Microsoft Learn
  • Food and Beverage support in events through Subway
  • Networking opportunity with Microsoft officials
  • Chance to visit nearby Microsoft HQ for meetups or hackathons
  • Opportunity to be invited for annual regional MSP Summit

How To Apply To Become An MSP

Step 1

  • Go to

Step 2

  • After logging in with your Microsoft account, read the Privacy Policy.

Step 3

  • Fill in the Personal Info section

Step 4

  • Fill in the School Info section

Step 5

  • Fill in the Written Sample section
  • Written sample for ‘Teach’
  • Video sample for ‘Inspire’

Step 6

  • Fill in the Additional Info section

Step 7

  • Fill in the Technical Skills section

Selection Procedure

  • Once the application is filled and submitted, you can edit it until the time it goes under review.
  • Applications are open the whole year from 2019 and will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Student Partner Milestones

  • Alpha 1- new Student Partners enter the program at Alpha 1 and receive exclusive access to our global student network and Microsoft experts on Microsoft Teams, an Office 365 subscription, access to Snag It and Camtasia software, and more.
  • Alpha 2- Student Partners who complete a Microsoft Learn path will unlock Azure credits with Visual Studio Enterprise subscription benefits.
  • Beta- Student Partners who complete the requirements for Alpha 2 and have hosted an event for other students in their community will earn the Beta badge to unlock event support and resource benefits. This could include an invitation to join the annual Microsoft Student Partner Summit!
  • Gold- select Student Partners who have gone above and beyond in earning their badges and serving their local community will be invited to the Gold milestone and can become Student Partner Program Regional Leaders, gain access to special events, and may even be invited to become a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).




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