What Is DevRel?

What Developer Relations really is and how it impacts tech today

What Is DevRel?

Defining DevRel

The DevRel “Bridge”

Why DevRel Has Become Necessary

As we move towards a more technologically-enabled world, we are not only seeing more people developing solutions to problems using programming and computer science, but we also have more companies catering to such folks. These companies can often be classified as the following:

  • Developer First: These companies cater products primarily to developers (B2D). Examples include Twilio, Auth0, MongoDB, Appwrite (where I work), etc.
  • Developer Plus: These companies cater products primarily to businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C) and secondarily to developers to leverage their platforms to build. Examples include Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon, Salesforce, etc.

Areas DevRel Impacts

The Various Facets Of DevRel

Facets Of DevRel

DevRel is not a single role but a grander umbrella comprising various facets that are essential to the growth of both the developer and the product:

  • Developer Advocacy and Evangelism
  • Community Management
  • Developer Education
  • Developer Marketing
Areas DevRel Impacts (credits: Matt Raible)

Responsibilities Of DevRel

There are various areas that DevRel folks often work on and impact:

  • Technical Content
  • Developer Experience
  • Application Development
  • Community Development

Starting In DevRel Through Communities

DevRel is genuinely a fantastic space to work in. Still, the high diversification of skills necessary can make it confusing to find an entryway, especially as a student or a young professional. Based on my experiences, I have compiled a little roadmap demonstrating one way you can take your first steps in DevRel:

Roadmap Through Tech Communities
  • Join A Community And Begin Learning
  • Build On What You Learn
  • Share About What You Learn And Build
  • Apply To And Join A Ambassador Or Leadership Program
  • Lead A Larger-Scale Initiative For Your Community
  • Keep Learning, Building, Sharing, and Leading

What's Next?

From my experience, I can say that DevRel is not just a job but a philosophy. You don't just wake up one day and decide that you want to start doing DevRel. You start helping other developers, creating content, supporting communities, mentoring your peers, and, one day, realize that you're already doing DevRel. DevRel is one of the fulfilling roles in tech that I am aware of, and I hope to see more of you take your first steps in the near future.

Extra: DevRel Resources For Students And Newcomers

Over the last year, I have spoken at various forums to discuss how people can begin their journey into the DevRel space. You can find them below:

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All You Need To Know About DevRel Engineers | Git-up with Saumya

Cracking DevRel Roles | GitHub Education



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